Musical devotion can go two ways, it’s either a hobby, or it’s your life, for Anirban Jee his musical awakening spawned at the vibrant age of 12, when he received his first electronic keyboard. Heavily influenced by a diverse range of musical genres through the 80’s and 90’s, Anirban found himself heavily inspired by pop icons such as Elton John, Richard Marx, Maxwell, Sting, Carol King and many more. During his teen years, AJ found himself dabbling in numerous tuition courses and on the back of many years studying formal Piano through school and University, Anirban had honed his musical growth to original song writing and musical compositions.

With a unique and diverse musical approach, Anirban’s compositions have managed to reach the top 10 finals of the Australian Songwriters Association (ASA) and peg a top 10 release on Triple J’s Unearthed “Dance Charts” where his track stayed in the top 10 spot for over 3 weeks!

On the back of his recent success, Anirban managed to catch the attention of Australian music industry heavy weights such as producer and ‘song doctor’ Matt O’Connor (Thirsty Merc, The Beautiful Girls) from the A&R Department in Sydney. Originally discovered from a rough demo, Matt O’Connor took Anirban under his wing to further develop and hone AJ’s craft. His debut commercial single "AEIOU" feat. Blue (Celeste Newman) released under the banner of The A&R Department has secured air play on FM radio stations across 5 states!! 

His second release "Undecided" feat.Judd Field has secured number one position at the 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest under the Contemporary Pop/Dance category. The track got aired by numerous Radio Stations across Australia such as MaxFM (NSW), 2GN Radio(NSW), 3ZZZ FM(Melbourne), Roccy FM(NSW) and is currently being played across various community radio stations through the AMRAP AirIt project. Both the commercial releases are available on iTunes for download.

After 7 months of on and off collaborative work, Anirban’s current series of composition alone range from POP, Urban, Dance, R&B which feature a unique and un-patterned soulful infusion that’s embedded in an expressive lyrical muster.

Having recently worked with many sought after music producers such as Adrian Hannan (Delta Goodrem, Gabriella Cilmi, Taxi Ride, The Androids), Sven Tydeman, Tony Cvetkovski, David Gugliotta, Daniel Diaz, Mark Searle and Dax Liniere, AJ’s compositions and song writing repertoire have attracted many popular singing talents from the Australian music industry.


10th January 2017

Wish you all a fantastic New Year!!!

As for me and my featured artist, Mary Ann Van Der Horst, 2016 was a landmark year with our new track "Deep Down" reaching new heights in commercial and community radio airplay and hitting over 30,000 views on You Tube !! It was a fantastic collaboration and fulfilled my expectation as a songwriter.

As every year has its own surprises, I am hoping 2017 will bring its own share of fireworks and sizzles as far as my songwriting goes and open up new avenues of collaboration and also increase my footprint among artists and listeners both in Australia and overseas.

But of course the common denominator is YOU !! Thank you once again for your 'Listens, Likes and Shares' on facebook and also your never-ending support and encouragement on this wonderful creative journey of Songwriting that I am undertaking.

I will surely keep you updated as things unfold this year.

1st September 2016

Very excited to let you all know that the video of my new release "Deep Down" feat. Mary Ann Van Der Horst has crossed more than 20,000 views and rising !!

You can see the video via my facebook link:

Please LIKE and SHARE the video on facebook.

I'm immensely grateful for all the appreciation and love that you all have given us on this recent release. Thank you so much.

16th August 2016

Very pleased to share the promotional video of my latest single DEEP DOWN (Acoustic) feat. Mary Ann Van Der Horst.

Our collaboration has been a great success and the kind of love and appreciation we have received both in Australia and overseas have been phenomenal. Big thanks to the FM Radio stations that made this track so popular here in Australia.

To top it all, Mary Ann's live performances of "Deep Down" has been very well received by audiences in entertainment venues across Australia, USA, South Korea and Philippines.

You can download the released track from iTunes from the link below:

26th May 2016

Very pleased to learn that my track "Rear View Mirror" was awarded a semi-final placement at the Song of the Year Contest. Here is the link to the page:

The track also secured a Top 30 position at the 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest.

16th March 2016

A huge thank you to Melbourne's Channel 31 (1700 Program) for featuring the acoustic version of my latest release "Deep Down'. It was a live performance by Mary Ann Van Der Horst. Here is the You Tube link:

5th March 2016

A BIG THANK YOU to all the Commercial and Community FM stations that aired 'Deep Down' since it was released last month. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation from Mary Ann and myself to all the Radio Hosts/Music Directors/Programme Managers for the interview opportunities.

OzMade FM on Grant Broadcasters Radio Network (Radio Host Sarah D)-NSW/VIC/QLD/SA/TAS/NT

Power FM by on Grant Broadcasters Radio Network (Music Director Steve Murpy)-SA

Tamworth 929 FM on Super Radio/ Broadcast Operations Group (Radio Host JT)-NSW

Clarence Coasts/Grafton 104.7 MHz on Super Radio Network (Music Director Cam Kleinschmidt)-NSW

Hill FM 96.5 (Programme Manager Andrew Doman)-NSW

Radio 567 2BH (Programme Manager Andrew Doman)-NSW

Mood Music Australia (Music Programmer Raymond Medhurst)-NSW

Valley FM 95.5-Australian Music Only/Hard Rock Lounge program-QLD

Hill Radio FM 88.9-Whole Lotta Love program-SA

3RPC Community Radio 99.3 MHz-Solid Gold Independent program-VIC

UGFM Community Radio-Something New, Old and Blue program-VIC

2MCR 100.3 FM-Wednesday Night Coffee Morning program-TAS

King Island Community Radio 100.5 FM-TAS

29th Feb 2016

Wow!! This is turning out to be a lucky leap year for me as my debut release "AEIOU" feat. Blue (Celeste Newman) reached the semi-finals at the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in the POP/TOP 40 category !!

Here is the link:

Finalists will be announced in April. Fingers Crossed !!

8th Feb 2016

Very pleased to announce that my new single "Deep Down" feat. Mary Ann Van Der Horst is out now !! Its available for download from iTunes, Amazon Music and all other popular online stores!! 

The song 'Deep Down' is about a woman's passion for her man and revealing the strong feelings which she has been hiding Deep Down. It's a symbol of encouragement for women to be confident in approaching men if they feel for someone deeply and 'making the first move'. After all, when it comes to love, you won’t know until you give it a try.

The track features 2014 X-Factor and multi-award winning sensation ‘Mary Ann Van Der Horst’ on vocals and is an exciting pop-dance track with a classic edge. Its produced by Sydney's award winning producer Sven Tydeman from Kitty Groove Studios.

The track is already under radio servicing and Grant Broadcasters Radio Network will be the first to air the track nationally through its network of FM radio stations across 5 states.

22nd Jan 2016

Can’t wait to share this news. As you all know the last year has proven to be a major success, from winning awards and receiving features on national radio. The exciting news just doesn’t stop as I will soon be dropping my latest track that’s featuring a very special guest. Make sure to watch this space for more news to come.

5th Jan 2016

Finally received my long awaited interview clip which is now on You Tube !! I was interviewed by Alan Gilmour, Director of Australian Songwriting Association about my song "Undecided" feat. Judd Field and also about my songwriting journey in general.

Here is the You Tube link:

22 Dec 2015

Just want to say thanks to all of you who followed my musical journey in 2015 and supported and appreciated my songs and releases. This year was a very exciting year for me and ended it on a high note when my track "Undecided" feat. Judd Field topped this year's Australian Songwriting Contest in the Contemporary Pop Category !!

Before we connect again next year let me leave you with this interview by the lovely Radio host Gemma Maddox (Max FM 107.3 MHz) talking to Artist Judd Field and myself about the track "Undecided".

5th December 2015

I cant believe this !! My latest release "Undecided" feat. Judd Field has topped the Contemporary Pop/Dance Category at this years Australian Songwriting Contest (2015). I have also secured 3rd place in both Ballad ("Rolling Over") and Rock/Indie categories. Thank you once again to everyone who listens to my songs and appreciates what I do and believes in me.

Here is the iTunes link to the track:

1st November 2015

Very excited to find out that several songs of mine made it to the Top 30 under the BALLAD, POP-DANCE CONTEMPORARY, OPEN and ROCK INDIE Categories at 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest. Final Top 10 positions will be announced at the main event on 4th December.
You can check out the Top 30 list here:

31st October 2015

Here is a special Halloween Club Mix "Who Tha Hell" featuring the versatile and talented Artist Stella Rhymes from Sydney. Let the Ghosts and Ghouls dance off their skeletons in your head !! Happy Halloween !!

15th September 2015

Finally the winner is Mary Ann Van Der Horst (X-Factor 2014) !!!! She will be featured on my next track "Deep Down" which is a Pop-Dance track with a great catchy chorus. The track is being currently produced by Sydney's highly reputed and sought after producer Sven Tydeman from Kitty Groove Studios. Will let you know the release date soon !!

Thanks again to all the 23 applicants who submitted their pitch for this commercial radio release. Its been a very difficult selection process for us as all of you are very talented and have impressive credentials.

7th July 2015

When The Stars Align !! Yes thats what happens when Sydney's top notch Producer-Sven Tydeman, "Mystery Artist" and myself collaborate for our upcoming Commercial Radio release "Deep Down". Its an uptempo Pop-Dance number which is currently under production at the Kitty Groove Studios and is positioned to be released in the second half of this year...auditions are now in progress and some heavy weight artists are fighting it out to get the gig ...until then... Watch This Space !!!

5th January 2015

Wish you all a very Happy new Year !!

Very pleased to present my first track of 2015 "Rear View Mirror" Featuring the very talented and popular singer Mary Kiani !! Mary Kiani is a Scottish Diva turned Sydney songstress who had numerous chart topping singles both in the UK Chart as well as in Australia throughout the 90s and 2000s and she is showing no signs of stopping. This track is produced by Steve Peach from Stereo Missile, Sydney. Hope you all like it. Thanks !!

25th December 2014

Just want to thank all of you for visiting my website and supporting me in my songwriting journey throughout this year. 2014 was a great year for me as two of my commercial releases, AEIOU feat. Blue (Celeste Newman) and Undecided feat. Judd Field, got radio plays on MaxFM (NSW), The Hit List-2SSR FM(NSW), 2GN Radio(NSW), 3ZZZ FM(Melbourne), Roccy FM(NSW), 3RPC Radio FM (VIC), 2NVR Radio (NSW), 5EFM (SA), Valley FM (QLD) and Gove FM (NT). Both the tracks are available on iTunes. Also had a great outcome at the 2014 Australian Songwriters Association (ASA) contest as my debut release AEIOU hit Top 10 in both POP/Contemporary and Open categories. Another track “What You’ve Done” hit 4th spot in the Open category.

I assure you that I will continue to pursue my dreams and will continue to write songs. All of you as listeners are very important to me as without YOU we won’t exist. Lets hope that 2015 will bring fresh melodies and lyrics into my head which I can share with all of you. Thanks for believing in me.

Thanks to you Jasper for looking after my website. Its going great !!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year !!

25th November 2014

Great news!! Two of my tracks hit Top 10 at the Australian Songwriters Association Awards!! My debut single AEIOU featuring Blue (Celeste Newman) ranked 6th’ in the POP-Dance Contemporary category and also came 7th in the Open Category. My new track “What You’ve Done” secured 4th spot in the Open Category. Thanks for your support and encouragement throughout the year. Your love and 'Likes' encourages me to keep writing and expressing myself.

Here is the link to the Final Results for 2014 ASA Awards:

28th October 2014

Here is a great news…my debut single AEIOU featuring Blue (Celeste Newman) reached Top 30 in both POP/CONTEMPORARY and OPEN Categories in Australian Songwriting Association is the link: Also one of my instrumental submissions reached Top 30 in the instrumental category. Final Top 10 in each categories will be announced on 24th November at the Awards night.

25th September 2014

A big Thank You to the lovely Gemma Maddox, the radio host from Max FM (107.3 MHz) for putting "Undecided" feat. Judd Field on Max FM playlist. The track can be downloaded from iTunes through this link:

1st September 2014

My latest release "Undecided" feat. Judd Field along with my interview got aired on the Craig Pritchard Breakfast Show on 2GN Radio!! Radio Goulburn Pty Ltd (2GN) is a commercial member station of the Capital Radio Network.

"Undecided" is now available on iTunes through this link:

29th August 2014

Just got my Radio Interview aired on the "Hit List program" with Costa and Yas (2SSR FM, 99.7 MHz, NSW) !! They featured my debut commercial single "AEIOU" featuring Blue (Celeste Newman) released by Imagine Records and I also had an opportunity to talk about my two Songwriting mentors Matt O'Connor (A and R Department) and Jacques Mario Gentil (Magesongs School of Songwriting). You can listen to the full interview here:

27th August 2014

My second release "Undecided" got played on Roccy FM (NSW) this afternoon at 3pm. Thanks a lot Wesley Heather for the chit chat.

August 7th 2014

Exciting news!! I have been scheduled for a radio interview by 3ZZZ FM radio in Melbourne on 16th August at 10:40pm to talk about my latest radio release track ”Undecided” featuring Judd Field. Radio 3ZZZ is the largest ethnic community station in Australia. Do tune in at 92.3MHz on the FM radio band or you can listen through live streaming online from this link:

August 1st 2014

Another lot of big news!! My second commercial track "Undecided" will be available on iTunes and other online stores from 10th August onwards and the track will also be serviced to Radio through Bergstein Entertainment, Melbourne. The track has flavours of both Hip Hop and Pop genres and features the multitalented and popular singer Judd Field.

Judd Field is a versatile and gifted singer/songwriter from Melbourne. He is the vocal director and lead singer of MMC (Melbourne Gospel Choir), whose recent TV highlights include many appearances on Channel 9’s Carols by Candlelight, the 2005 and 2006 AFL Grand finals, the 2007 and 2013 Logies, Roger Federer’s charity event at Rod Laver Arena in January 2014 and regular appearances on Dancing With The Stars, It Takes Two and many others. Judd has also done countless solo performances on the Singing Bee and Celebrity Singing Bee. Judd has recently performed for Hugh Jackman, Geoffrey Rush, Roger Federer and Florence and the Machine.

July 30th 2014

Here is the link to my facebook artist page:

Do give it a LIKE and please be generous and share the link with your friends.

July 28th 2014

Guess what!!!! My recently released dance track “AEIOU” is currently being played across 5 radio stations in 5 different states across the country !! The track is currently being spun on 3RPC Radio FM (VIC), 2NVR Radio (NSW), 5EFM (SA), Valley FM (QLD) and Gove FM (NT). The track is on iTunes and so go ahead and download the track and join ride!!

June 4th 2014

Sharing the good news about my second commercial radio release!! My dance track “Release thru da party” was spun by SnowFM Commercial Radio station (97.7 MHz), Jindabyne from 1:20pm (4 June, 2014). The track features multi-talented singer Danni-T and international rapper MC-Fade from the Phat Track Entertainment (PTE) Label. The track will be included in the debut album of Danni-T which will be released later this year. The track will be on itunes soon!!

April 7th 2014

Very pleased to announce my debut single “AEIOU” which was commercially released on 7th April, 2014 through the A&R Department, an independent record label based in Sydney. I have received some great reviews about this track from top industry music publishers and producers and I am hoping that the track will hit the radio soon!! AEIOU is currently available on itunes and can be downloaded through this link:

If you want to know more about the song and how it all came about, you are most welcome to also visit the A&R Department’s Commercial Release page where my track has been featured:

March 3rd 2014

Feel really great to give you a quick heads up about my debut single “AEIOU” which will be released next month on 7th April under the banner of A&R Records. The A&R department is owned and run by Matt O’Conner. The track will be featuring the multi-talented Melbourne singer “Blue” who has been charting her singles in Europe for several years now. The track has been produced by the sought after Melbourne producer Adrian Hannan, SongStore. The track will be on itunes on 7th April and the kind of review I have got during the preview..I am sure it will be worth downloading. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support and hope this is the start of something big !! Do check out the official Press Release on my website’s Media section.

January 5th 2014

A great year ready to unfold and lot of songs in the pipeline..just gave a bunch out for production to Sven Tydeman from KittyGroove, Sydney. He is an award winning producer, songwriter and composer and has done a great job on some of my previous sample tracks.

November 11th 2013

Sharing a good news!! One of my Pop-Dance Tracks "Can We Do It Now" made it to the Top 30 list in the 2013 ASA Australian Songwriting Contest under the CONTEMPORARY POP-DANCE CATEGORY!! They will select the top 10 on the final awards night on December 4th. I’ll be there attending the event. Fingers crossed!!!

August 12th 2013

Just submitted three tracks and their lyrics to 2013 Australian Songwriting Contest and lets hope for the best !! Also my Dance track “Can We Do it Now” got featured in Melbourne’s popular Beat Magazine and also another POP track “Need an Answer” had climbed up to #7 on the Triple J Unearthed Dance chart ! Check my media section for full article and links. Its all happening party people !! Stay tuned and check on website for more explosive tracks from the production line of my song factory!! Peace out !

August 5th 2013

Check out my new POP track “I Want Your Peak” on my Dance has got my phone ringing as people wanted to know what does that really mean..well..”just follow the lyrics” was my response. Its quite an entertaining track and well produced as well. Enjoy !!

July 15th 2013

The word “FYI” can only be seen on emails these days..but here is an unique song title “FYI” for my next POP track. More interestingly, this is “FYI” in a break up context. Thought it would be interesting to write a song on FYI so here it is folks..enjoy !!  Warning: “Don’t try this with your girl”.

May 27th 2013

Proud to present the new dance track “Release thru da party” in collaboration with Phat Track Entertainment (PTE), an Independent Australian Record Label based in Canberra. The upbeat dance track features the awesome international Rapper MC Fade and the seductive songstress Danni-T at their all time best. MC Fade recently released his own album “NEW ORDER” ( It was a pleasure working with them in their State-of-the-art studio in picturesque and heavenly Jerangle !!

March 20th 2013

Check out the rich and deep voice of the much sought after singer Madeline Brinkley from Sydney on my new acoustic track "Whole Lot of Love". She has poured her heart out on this one and done a fantastic job. Thanks Maddi and surely "Whole Lot of Love" from me !!:)

January 30th 2013

Also hold your breath for an upcoming very smooth, silky and seductive R&B number called "Are We Gonna Get Some Love". The track is sung by popular Sydney singer Mari Jean and will be specially released on 14 Feb to spice up your Valentines Day !! :)

January 26th 2013

Happy Australia Day !! Check out two of my new POP tracks for 2013 !! Fantastic job done by Leanne Bandte on "Need An Answer" and an awesome groove churned out by Mitch Cannas, the lead vocalist of the popular Canberra based band Heuristic, on the track "Life of a Star".

December 23rd 2012

As this year comes to a close I wanna sincerely thank everyone for their support and encouragement throughout my musical journey in 2012. Special thanks to my singers, music producers, website developer, my family and everyone who stood by me and believed in me. Wish you all the best for 2013 and have a wonderful year ahead.

December 20th 2012

Just signed a production agreement with Phat Track Enterainment for my first track of 2013 -"Release Thru Da Party". Proud to feature the heavyweight rapper "MC Fade" along with mesmerizing vocalist "Danni.T". Phat Track Entertainment is a Canberra based independent Australian recording label and studio with counterpart and Mastering specialist team in Flordia, USA. (

December 4th 2012

I have been shortlisted for the 2012 ASA Australian Songwriting Contest. I am amongst the group of songwriters who have had some of their entries progress to the second stage of judging in this year’s contest! This is very exciting because it is hard to be short-listed in such a big competition. I am now in the group from which the Top 25 will be chosen. This list will be posted on the ASA Website by the end of October...fingers crossed I will also be included in that selection.


Anirban Jee


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